Avoid Losing Hot Air With Radiant Flooring

December 28th, 2012 pexheat


During this time of the year, keeping warmth in your home is crucial. Not only for saving money, but also for the comfort factor.  With a radiant heating system, over all the feeling is more comfortable.  Heat is down where we live rather than rising to the ceiling. When your feet are warm and your head is cooled down, you’re more comfortable and happy. Instead of just pumping out hot air, radiant systems create an all-around warmer feeling within the room.


When air is hot, the molecules of its makeup are further apart, so it takes up more room making it less dense than cold air and therefore, “lighter”.  The rising heat of forced air will find cracks in the ceiling, roofs and windows, exiting the house.  With radiant flooring, the heat remains lower as displayed in this picture.


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The mild warmth of a radiant floor is a subtle experience. Once you’ve become accustomed to it, you won’t even notice a difference.  Getting out of your warm bed right onto a warm floor is a smooth transition. A forced air system with air rising to the top gets lost and heads up right to the ceiling. You’ll get out of bed right onto a cold floor and feel it right away. This stratification effect becomes greater as the ceiling height becomes greater. When ceilings are hot and just below a cold roof, heat loss is quite high. It is precisely because of this effect that we insulate ceilings and attics so much.


If you’re looking for more comfort within your home, especially during this time of the year, a radiant floor heating system is the way to go.  Check out our Pex tubing and electric radiant floor heating systems, and start transforming your home today.

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