Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater

While many homeowners have a traditional water heater, more people are looking into and installing tankless water heaters. Although traditional water heaters certainly have their advantages, tankless water heaters also have plenty of quality benefits.   A tankless water heater is a small heater that quickly heats water, while it’s in use. This makes this […]

The Benefits of Bubble Foil Insulation

  Reflective insulation, or foil information has proven to be very useful in controlling temperatures in a home. Have you ever wondered how you could save money on how you heat and cool your home? Sure you have! Reflective insulation can do just that.   By using foil bubble insulation in spots where temperatures are […]

The Benefits Of Using PEX Tubing

Once you’ve decided to integrate a radiant heat system into your home, choosing the materials to use is the next step.  If you’re a DIY (do it yourself) type of guy, then you may not be 100% familiar with PEX tubing and the benefits it provides over other piping materials like copper.   PEX Tubing […]

Radiant Floor Heating Fits Into Bath Remodeling Trends of 2013

  As 2013 gets into full swing, one of the bigger remodeling trends for bathrooms is installing for efficiency and safety. Starting from the floor up, people want bathrooms full of convenience, safe features and low utility costs. The first place to start is literally the floor.   One of the main design trends for […]

The Benefits Of A Condensing Hot-Water Boiler System

  After you’ve decided you need to replace your hot-water boiler system, you’ve probably come across the idea or heard about a condensing boiler or water heater. What is it, and why should you choose that over a normal, more conventional one? For starters, their smaller size creates a more convenient space and frees up […]