Announces the Watts Radiant SmartTrac Radiant Panel Solution

Modular non-structural radiant subfloor system is proud to announce the release of the SmartTrac Radiant Panel Solution by Watts Radiant. Radiant, the Smart Way.   There are many solutions for above floor subfloor panels. Watts Radiant has done it’s homework and provides one of the simplest smartest sleeper systems in the industry. If you […]

Radiant Floor Heating – Not a “Non-essential” System

Being in the midst of a government shutdown, as well as the longest recession in American history, we are all looking for ways to “cut back” and determine what is essential. Most customers when building a house, building, or doing a renovation believe that Radiant Floor Heating is a luxury and not an “essential” system. […]

Can I heat my house with a water heater? Or should I use a boiler?

Part 2 of 2       Efficiency / Cost   Unfortunately efficiency is a non-exact calculation and after much deliberation most of our customers go with a personality choice rather than hard numbers on how efficient they want their heat plants to be anyway. However, we will run through some numbers on cost to give […]

Can I heat my house with a water heater? Or should I use a boiler? Part 1

Part 1 of 2   We get asked this question a lot. I would like to take this chance to outline some of the important details worth considering when selecting a heat plant for your home, shop or business. After looking at these 5 points you should be able to determine if a water heater […]

Pexheat Announces the Watts Radiant RadiantPERT Tubing

If you have been waiting for a revolutionary new tubing product, look no further than RadiantPERT floor tubing. You might be surprised to know that this tubing is commonplace throughout most of Europe, but it has just recently made its way to the U.S. There are several reasons why RadiantPERT is far superior to the […] announces a Watts Radiant Price Increase

  Sorry Guys! There will be a Watts Radiant Price Increase coming April 1st. regrets to announce that Watts Radiant will be issuing a price increase on April 1st. One of the biggest and best brands in the industry has done very well in keeping their prices in check over the years. Not all […]

Electric vs. Water Radiant Heat

  Radiant heating is becoming more and more popular, and the benefits are becoming more widespread.  For some people, they’ve made the decision to switch to radiant heating, but haven’t decided which one would be better in terms of and electric system or hydronic one.  Radiant floors are heated with either electric resistance cables or […]

Why Use Radiant Heating?

  Aside from the convenience and comfort factor there are a lot of reasons to use radiant heating inside the home or office.  For starters it eliminates air ducts and allergy problems as well as introduces a much more efficient heating system.   According to, “it is more efficient than baseboard heating and usually […]

Welcome to Pexheat

Welcome to Pexheat where providing radiant floor heating solutions & plumbing supplies to the do-it-yourselfer and professional installer is what we do. Post by Brian Whitehurst