Electric Interior Slab Heating Is a Worthwhile Investment

May 23rd, 2013 pexheat

Revolutionary electric indoor slab heating is bringing convenient and maintenance free heating to residential and commercial property owners. With this modern heating solution, even heat is now transferred throughout the slab of a floor, hassle free.


So what is electric indoor slab heating? It’s an electric heating cable that’s intertwined under thick slab floors. Up till now, electric floor heating was limited to “thin slab” or tile floors. Due to reduced heat output, if an installer wanted to put electric floor heating in thick slab, he had to take the extra step of putting an extra thin slab on top of his new thicker slab to bring the heating cable to the top of the floor. This sometimes created higher costs and complications. SlabHeat cable is a higher output electric wire, capable of heating the entire thick slab and room above, creating a reliable easy install for most applications.


SlabHeat can heat one entire space or it can be zoned into smaller areas for better heat control. The cable gets connected to a SunStat Control by a 120 or 240 VAC line power for control of turning the heat on and off.


Electric slab heating is 100% efficient. Every dollar you spend on energy goes into heating the space. No chimneys or flue pipes for heat to go up and out of. No parasitic energy costs of pumps or controls.


No annual maintenance costs; because there is no burner, there is no need to have a costly maintenance program to keep your heat plant and controls in working order.


Electric slab heating is well suited for concrete floors found in basements, garages, sunrooms, offices, warehouses and many other thick slab flooring. SlabHeat works well for new construction jobs or remodeling because it can be installed over top of an existing slab.


No longer will your concrete flooring feel cold under your feet. The number of BTUs given off by the flooring is enough for consistent, warm heat. Gone are the days of waiting 15 minutes for the heat to kick on and provide warmth. SlabHeat is efficient; it’s quiet and requires no venting or duct work.


Pexheat.com is well experienced and trained at designing with electric indoor slab heating. We know you could benefit from this heating system and if you want to learn more, be sure to contact us.

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