The Benefits Of A Condensing Hot-Water Boiler System

January 23rd, 2013 pexheat


Radiant & Electric Floor Heating Systems & SuppliesAfter you’ve decided you need to replace your hot-water boiler system, you’ve probably come across the idea or heard about a condensing boiler or water heater. What is it, and why should you choose that over a normal, more conventional one? For starters, their smaller size creates a more convenient space and frees up area in a utility closet or basement. Water-boilers can be quite large, but a condensing boiler will solve your space issue.


Perhaps the biggest benefit is the energy consumption you will cut with the installation of a condensing hot-water boiler. A boiler can consume about as much as its initial cost in fuel in a year. Combine that with the ever-growing utility rates and an increased awareness and focus on reducing wasted energy, people are always looking for a way to achieve greater efficiency. More and more hot water boilers and condensing boiler panels are available on the market, which is good for someone looking to make the switch to lower their energy consumption.


Tankless Hot Water Heaters & High Efficiency Condensing BoilersToday’s condensing boilers are state of the art, with advanced heat exchangers, burners, and controls.  Although they cost more than non-condensing boilers, the lifespan is up to 25 years when properly maintained and installed.  HPAC engineering wrote an article on selecting small condensing boilers, and offered this insight into the amount of savings you can have.


“Consider a case in which a condensing boiler costs $2,000 more than its non-condensing counterpart, Radiant Floor Heating, Do It Yourself Heating Systembut results in additional energy savings of $400 per year. That equates to a five-year simple payback ($2,000 divided by $400) and a 20-percent return on investment ($400 divided by $2,000).”


Making the switch to a condensing tankless water heater will make the same significant reduction in your hot water bill. We have a large selection of condensing boilers and  tankless hot water heaters and control panels. Make the switch, your budget will thank you.

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    yes, condensing boiler is a right choice for solve spacing problems.

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