The Benefits Of Using PEX Tubing

March 7th, 2013 pexheat

PEX TubingOnce you’ve decided to integrate a radiant heat system into your home, choosing the materials to use is the next step.  If you’re a DIY (do it yourself) type of guy, then you may not be 100% familiar with PEX tubing and the benefits it provides over other piping materials like copper.


PEX Tubing is a cross-linked polyethylene pipe. Polyethylene is the material from which water bottles are made. But the cross linking process stabilized the polymer such that it doesn’t break down. The federal government has given PEX tubing a 500 year life expectancy. So it will last as long as the concrete floor in which it is installed.


We carry Watts Radiant’s RadiantPEX+™. It offers toughness, flexibility and lasting durability. After going through several processes, the PEX material becomes durable, with the ability to withstand extreme temperatures both hot and cold. Here are a look at some of the other benefits you’ll get from using PEX tubing.


Flexibility – Installer will definitely appreciate the easy use and flexibility when putting the piping and tubing into place. You can bend the tubing around most corners and won’t need a coupling or fitting.


Anti-Corrosion – RadiantPEX+™ has an added EVOH oxygen barrier, protecting ferrous components of the heating system from corrosion.  It has the traditional advantages of regular PEX tubing, but the oxygen barrier protects your investment in your heating system and maintains the warranties on many of its components.


Anti-Friction – if there is one downside to PEX tubing, it’s the noise that can occur when the system starts to warm up. The tubing expands when the water passes through, and it creates a friction against the floor and fasteners holding it. It almost sounds like a ticking or creaking sound. With RadiantPEX+™, Watts has added an extra low-friction layer to reduce the noise form tube expansion and aids for a smoother easier installation.  We want to give you the quietest system available.


Check out Watts Radiant’s RadiantPEX+™ pricing by clicking here, or giving us a call at 888-470-2757.

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