Why Summer is the Best Time to Install Floor Heating

July 22nd, 2013 pexheat

Installing radiant floor heating in your home is one of the best ways to increase the comfort, and value, of your entire property. However, in order to take full advantage of radiant floor heating, it is a good idea to begin the installation process immediately. For several reasons, summer is the ideal season when it comes to installing floor heating. To start with, if you take care of the project in the late summer, or even early fall, your home will be well equipped when winter comes around. By starting too late in the year, your floor heating system may not be ready until well into the winter, or even after it’s over. By beginning now, you can take full advantage of your floor heating before the end of the year.


Summer is also a great time to install floor heating, as well as complete other home improvement projects, because of the weather and extra daylight. With sunny conditions outside and a few extra hours to work each day, the project will go smoother and get done in less time. A project that may take months in the middle of winter may only take a few days or weeks to get done during July or August.


Many times during summer time construction, the heating system is the last thing to be considered. However, due to radiant floor installation details, getting the tubing in early in the construction process will overcome some problems that arise once the AC and/or flooring has been installed. Getting the tubing around AC ductwork can be quite difficult. So install the radiant floor tubing first. Also consider the plumbing and electrical . You may want to install before those as well. The hardwood flooring is usually one of the last things to go down. So when it starts to get cool; you will need that heated floor to acclimatize the flooring strips to the house. Flooring nails can be dealt with by making sure the nails go into floor joists and not into the tubing by marking the floor so the flooring installer knows where he can put a flooring nail or staple.


Be aware that you are not the only person getting cold in the fall. There is usually a huge rush on heating supplies once the cold weather seasons start and there is always someone colder than you are. Manufactures and suppliers get stretched beyond their supply limits on a couple of items every year. Doing a summer installation when engineers and suppliers are available and well stocked will keep your project moving without delay. And, we really appreciate it! Discounts; you are more likely to get discounts on material when stock levels are high rather than when supply levels and staff are stressed.


These are just a few of the reasons why installing a floor heating system now is a smart idea. If you are wondering which type of system is right for your property, the team at Pexheat is here to help. Give us a call today to get started!

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